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Show Off Your Brand in These Unexpected Moments

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Sometimes the smallest little injections of brand voice make the biggest impact on your customers. Of course there's the obvious logo design, website about page, and email marketing, but where can you unexpectedly infuse your brand's personality and delight your audience?

This type of branding goes beyond just plopping your logo(s) everywhere—here is where your brand voice is really going to be put to work. Either by yourself or with the help of a brand strategist, come up with a few taglines/phrases that you can pepper around everything your brand touches.

Keep on reading for moments where you can do this!

Underneath your product lid

What better way to delight your customer than insert a witty little phrase underneath your product's lid/top/cap etc.—think snapple!

This will help your audience build an emotional connection with your brand, increasing customer lifetime value.

In your order confirmation email

The moments after somebody buys is an opportune time to get them even more excited than they already are. Carefully crafting your order confirmation emails so that your brand voice shines through and engages the customer will prime them to be counting down the minutes until they get their package.

In your customer support comms

Everybody always thinks of things such as Instagram captions, website copy, and email newsletters when it comes to brand voice. But what about your customer support?

Make sure that either you or whoever is handling your customer support is well-briefed on your brand's values, voice, and mission so that your brand appears consistent (and delightful!) across all touchpoints.

A surprise freebie

People LOVE free stuff! There are two ways you can surprise them with a small freebie, such as a sticker, sample of another one of your products, or something else memorable and branded.

Option one would be to include it in every order that you send out. This is straightforward and easy!

Another option would be to run a campaign and mail your VIP customers a surprise package when they're not expecting it—this will totally make their day and wow them.

In your product instructions/descriptions

Why do product descriptions always need to be so....boring and sterile? Barring any legal requirements, brands should be having FUN with these!

One of my favorite examples of all time when it comes to unexpected branding is the instructions Lush includes on its body washes:

The directions for use on this bottle of shower gel : r/mildlyinteresting

Need more branding and packaging inspo to get the gears turning? Read more on DesignRush's latest list of award-winning designs.


Once you've nailed down your brand's foundations and feel like you're ready to take it to the next level, it's time to think of the little moments in a customer's journey that are often overlooked. These are oftentimes the most simple but the most impactful tweaks in order to become memorable in your audience's eyes.

What are some of your favorite examples of subtle/unexpected/delightful branding? Shoot us a DM on Instagram at @bungalow.creative. 🙂  

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