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the brand designer clickup system

Are you ready to finally have a client process that's built to scale?

Alert alert...emailing your branding clients is old news. There's a better way to run your design projects WITHOUT feeling disorganized and off-track.
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Does this sound like you?

You're using a tool like Notion or Asana (or even worse, email) to run your projects, but you feel like something is missing and want to find a solution that's scalable.
Your clients are sometimes a bit unclear about what the next step of your process is and you want to give them a better birds-eye view of their project's milestones.
You're spending a big part of your day reading through wall-of-text feedback and questions from your clients. It feels like you're doing more chatting than designing!
You're ready to scale up your design business but want to make sure that the foundations of your project process are strong and streamlined before doing so.
We’ve got your back with our

Brand Design Clickup System

Introducing a red-carpet client experience that allows you to effortlessly book high-ticket projects with a process as smooth as butter
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Imagine if your process looked a little something like this:

Never-ending projects who?
This system allows you to clearly communicate the project milestones and deadlines to your client so that they can have a birds-eye view of the timeline and know when to expect what.
no more sweating the small stuff
Branding projects can get messy when you’re not 100% clear about (and in love with) your process. This system ensures you’ll never miss a beat in giving your clients the VIP treatment they dream of.
streamlined + saving time
By outlining your process clearly and guiding your client along each step of the way, you'll save a TON of time communicating and appear as an expert. This = more time to work on the fun stuff and building your biz!
Just so you know

I'm going to share with you the exact system I use for my client projects that:

Gets my first concept approved by clients with only minor adjustments LITERALLY every time—phew, what a relief!
Allowed me to scale to six figures in my second year of service-based business (yes, this is design client income only!)
Attracts my ideal clients + gives me the peace of mind to stay on top of multiple projects at once and never miss a beat
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With this process, I've helped my clients:

Hit 1.2 million in Yearly revenue by year 2 of business
Completely sell out their stock within24 hours of launching
Sell 1,000+ units in wholesale orderswithin the first 2 months of business
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What would happen if you had no more:

Clients that strong-arm their project, leaving you feeling deflated + and unable to provide your best work
Uncertainty around your timelines leading to projects that drag on foreverrrr with no end in sight
Wall-of-text feedback emails that take forever to read and make you feel frazzled, not ~flowing~

Let’s kick this *ish* to the curb.

With this system, you'll get:

Our unique, tried-and-true Clickup List with custom fields tailored to branding projects specifically
A descriptive guide in each milestone to help walk your clients through the project and explain your process clearly
Easy and quick training videos showing you how to sign up for ClickUp, customize and use the system, and show what your clients see on their end
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More about the Brand Design Clickup System

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