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hey, ecom brand owner trying to juggle it all...

Unlock confidence in your biz + get the visual identity of your dreams with our Branding VIP Week

Good news—no more being locked into expensive, bloated branding packages or waiting for months on end to take the next step with your business.
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Hand holding a mockup of a branded candle
Hair care brand brand photo in a shower basket
CBD infused drink mockup
Body care package mockup
does this sound familiar?
You’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall with the growth of your eCom biz (or don’t even know WHERE to start).  Analysis paralysis is holding you back from making steady progress.
Stress is creeping up on’ve been investing a lot of time and money into this eCom brand, yet those lofty sales + revenue goals feel so far away...
You’re slowly realizing there’s a LOT more moving parts than you thought when it comes to running and eCom brand and are dying to take some of the work off your plate.
You cringe a bit looking  at your know it could be better, and it’s hard to make big, bold decisions for your biz when the branding just doesn’t feel professional enough.
You have a vision for your dream brand in your head, but don’t have the design chops to execute it—and you want an expert to guide you through the process.
You’re tempted every other week to change the fonts + colors you’re using, leading to a discombobulated identity that’s just not “sticking” in your audience’s minds.
Yep, hitting close to home...
envelope design with white lily shoppe logo and brand pattern

The days of small-to-medium eCom brands being forced to decide between an
8-10k+ brand strategy package or a sometimes too-fast design day are over.

Good news—no more being locked into expensive, bloated branding packages or waiting for months on end to take the next step with your business.
Heck yes
modern neutral moodboard and color palette

What would it look like to know that you’re getting exactly what you need with your branding + rest easy knowing you’re optimizing the budget you’re working with?

All while having the time to get the million other things one your plate done...


The Branding VIP Week

The super-personalized, speedy turnaround, and budget-conscious branding project you’ve been looking for
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A little sneak peek of your week

Get a more in-depth lowdown of the process in our investment guide
With flexible deliverables tailored to your needs
During our discovery phase, we work together to make a plan for the exact types of design deliverables that will best help your business where it’s at.
Examples of what’s been delivered in recent vip weeks:
Event Rentals Brand
  • Logo family (4 logos)
  • Brandmark
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Web-friendly color palette
  • Homepage Mockup
  • IG Post + Story Templates
  • Business Card Design
  • Custom Tape Design
  • Greeting Card Design
  • Flyer Design
Gifting Company
  • Logo family (4 logos)
  • Brandmark
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Web-friendly color palette
  • Homepage Mockup
  • IG Post + Story Templates
  • Custom Brand Pattern
  • 20-page Corporate Catalog Design
Fashion Brand
  • Logo family (5 logos)
  • 2 Brandmarks
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Web-friendly color palette
  • Homepage Mockup
  • IG Post + Story Templates
  • Alternate Sub-brand
  • Email Marketing Templates
text message saying we appreciate you so much

How to Get Started

Download the investment guide to learn more about what your project process will look like.
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Once you're ready to get going, fill out the quick form to apply for your project (this is non-binding!)
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If we’re a good fit, we’ll send through a booking link for our next available spot. You’ll also have the option to book a call if you have more Qs!
I have always been very picky when it comes to things like this, but it turned out better than I imagined.
I feel a huge amount of confidence 
with your help in identifying the look and feel of my brand. I love everything that you came up with.
- Holly Sparks
Holly Sparks Gifting
I felt like a human or valued customer rather than a number.
It was seamless. Super organized 
and the communication was excellent. My expectations were met with a final product I am proud of. I’m super impressed!
- Anika Hobbs
Nubian Hueman
We received far more than what I expected, thank you so much.
We recently had our rebranding launch and have since had a 40% increase in social media growth and new customers + newsletter subscribers. The shop is now easy to navigate and fun to look at.
- Bettina Johnson
Sanbe Beauty


Who is this for?
Our Branding VIP weeks are what you’re looking for if:
  • You’re craving a solid visual foundation for your brand that you can finally be totally in love with + proud of. There’s a gap in between where you are and where you want to be branding-wise, and you know that bridging it is going to inspire you to bring your business into a new era + open bigger, better opportunities.
  • As a small business you’re getting frustrated with traditional brand development packages that cost an arm and a leg. They bog you + your budget down with things you don’t need yet or know how to use fully (super in depth/expensive brand strategy books that are meant for more later-stage businesses, collateral that you know you won’t use)
  • You need flexibility and a fast turnaround due to all the moving parts you’re juggling. You need your new brand identity like, yesterday—so that you can just get started on your next phase already.
What’s Not Included in my project?
  • Copywriting, advertising, or marketing campaigns/strategy
  • A lengthy “brand guidelines” document filled with fluff.
  • Unlimited rounds of refinement—see the last page for the two chances you have to give feedback on Wednesday and Thursday of your week
  • Font licenses—it’s up to you to purchase these for yourself. We’ll send you links to where you can find them.
  • Consulting with other hired contractors (ex. product photographers, printers)
  • Physical printed goods
How far in advance do you book?
We typically book our Branding VIP project slots 1-2 months in advance. Occasionally we offer discounted rates in order to fill a last minute opening—if you’re interested in this, get in touch!
What’s needed from me?
  • We will need you to submit some background info on your brand before your project begins. Don’t worry, the questionnaire we send to you before your project makes this SUPER easy to complete and keep track of!
  • You don’t need to block off your entire week for this project, but we need you to be generally reachable and responsive. Thursday is a particularly important day to block off some time to work collaboratively on feedback and refinements.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! By default, we offer a payment plan of 3 monthly payments.
About the Founder
Introducing your new Brand bestie

Hi there, I'm Julia!

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing budding entrepreneurs like you have the realization that "wait, this could really work out for me in a big way".

It's my goal to be your partner in command when it comes to building an eCommerce business that will support your dream lifestyle—which, if you're anything like me, involves lots of naps, snacks, and time for passion projects!

I know how fulfilling owning a creative, entrepreneurial, and online-based business can be—which is why I love what I do and want to help so that it's the same for you too :) 
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