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Our tried-and-true process helps your brand grow by using deep strategy + laid-back, luxurious design.
We offer:
Brand Strategy - Brand Identity Design - Website Design
Collateral Design - Packaging Design - Digital Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design Website Design
Collateral Design Packaging Design
Digital Design
Branding Process
Strategy Session
First thing’s first—we’ll sit down for a two-hour strategy session and dig deep into the problems that your brand solves and who it solves them for. Prepare to leave this session with unexpected insights and a lot more clarity around your brand’s positioning.
Research + Planning
Next, we’ll consolidate all of our strategy session findings, research your niche’s landscape, and provide actionable, industry-specific solutions in the form of an in-depth brand strategy guidebook. This will include 3 different possible creative directions to choose from for the subsequent identity design.
Identity Design
After getting to know your brand like the back of our hand, we are now able to craft a strategy-led set of visual assets that will act as the backbone of your brand. Everything from logos to color palettes to social templates will be created with your audience and business goals in mind.
Guidelines + Tools
After a few refinements to get your visual identity just right, all of your brand assets and a clear set of brand guidelines will be finalized. We’ll also set you up with a launch strategy guidebook filled with tips and tricks of the trade to ensure that you feel confident in using your new branding to its full potential.
Packaging + Collateral
Now that the foundation is laid, we’ll move onto any packaging, print collateral, and/or digital templates that your brand needs. Here is where your brand really begins to come to life and create a tangible impact on your business’ growth.
Website Design
Getting your website up and running is everything that we’ve been working towards—it’s your brand’s very own corner of the internet! We’ll consider your brand’s audience, goals, and unique selling points in order to pull together a captivating site that converts.
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What our clients say about our process
We're the right fit if you:
Are ready to go big when it comes to your brand—you want to be sold in big-name stores, get featured in major publications, and build a cult following around your brand.
Appreciate a streamlined, efficient process that brings higher-quality insights and a clear path towards future success for you and your brand. higher-quality insights and a clear path towards future success for you.
Are looking to build a business that helps you live an independent + creatively fulfilling lifestyle—you’re ready to share your calling with the world and change lives in the process.
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“The brand came to life in all the right ways.”
I was stuck in a vision rut and was losing motivation for building the brand. After teaming up with Bungalow Creative, I’ve gained the confidence back to continue developing the brand and doing so with a strong strategy and beautiful brand concept in place. Everything from identifying who my ideal client is to creating a beautiful design that captures the brand’s essence brought Holiday St. to life.
- Heidi Streeter, Holiday St.
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Let's get to know each other
I founded Bungalow Creative with the intention of creating brands that feel like a breath of fresh air, making you pause and appreciate the moment unfolding around you.
It puts a smile on my face every day to help hard-working people like you to put their best foot forward in their business with strategic and soulful design.
I aim to help you continuously grow, learn, and leave your comfort zone behind. I cannot wait to see what your future business journey holds!
- Julia