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Essentials for Your Shopify Home Page: How to Build a High-Converting Home Page

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Your visitor's first impression is crucial, especially when it comes to a Shopify store where visitors are flying through at light speed. Your homepage is often the first stop for potential customers, so you want to make sure it's up to snuff.

In this post, we'll go over some essential elements for your Shopify homepage and how to build a high-converting page design.

Here are some essential elements for a high-converting Shopify homepage design:

Sections to Include on your Shopify Homepage


Navigation Bar

Navigation bars are a great, high-converting way to highlight certain promotions you've got going on at the moment. These typically sit on top of your site header and include a promotion such as free shipping over a certain threshold, a seasonal sale, or a new collection on your store.

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Hero Section

Make sure that your Shopify home page hero section is extremely eye-catching (think literally the BEST image that you have of your products) and that the copy lets your visitor know within seconds what your store sells.

Your headline is one of the first things visitors will see when they land on your homepage, so make it count. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. And make sure it's relevant to what you're selling. No one wants to be drawn in by a misleading headline.

One word of advice—DON'T fall into the trap of creating hero banners where the text is baked into the image. This is terrible for your online store's SEO and makes your website inaccessible to disabled people using screen readers. Nothing screams amateur hour like doing this!

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Featured Collections/Shop by Category

Once you have the hero banner sorted on your Shopify homepage, it's time to feature some of your products!

Start by creating a few sections featuring some of your most popular collections. This will help organize your products in a way that makes sense for customers and make it  easier to find what they're looking for.

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Mission Statement/About Page Link

Once you have your users' attention with a good headline, you need to keep them engaged with relevant copy.

Write copy for your Shopify homepage that tells visitors what you're all about and why they should stick around. Again, be sure that it's relevant to what you're selling—no one wants to read a bunch of fluff about something they're not interested in.



If you've already got a few products that have sold well, feature them on your homepage. This helps customers connect with what you're selling instantly and gives them an idea of the type of products and services you offer.

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Social Proof + Logo List

Show off any press coverage or awards you may have received via a list of logos of the brands you've been featured in. This is one of the easiest ways to build instant credibility and trust with your audience.

You can also use customer reviews to add credibility to your store. Include quotes from customers who love your products—it's always helpful for potential shoppers to hear from other people who have bought from your store before.

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Unique Selling Proposition Icons

A way to clearly communicate your brand's values and what sets your products apart is to create a small section with icons for each of your USPs on your Shopify homepage.

This is particularly effective for visitors that speed through your site and don't take the time to read full paragraphs.

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Relevant Promotions

Don't forget to include relevant offers on your Shopify homepage so customers are enticed to buy. These could be a sale, special discounts, or even a free shipping offer over a certain threshold.

Highlighting the current promotions you have going on is a great way to nudge your visitors down the funnel and get them closer to checking out.

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Don't forget to include a powerful call-to-action at the end of your homepage so that once your visitor has finished scrolling through they're able to easily take the next step toward purchasing.

Whether it's signing up for your newsletter, checking out your latest blog post, or buying one of your products, make sure there's a clear call-to-action on your homepage so visitors know what the next step is.

Typically, these CTAs will nudge your users down the funnel by sending them to a collection or product page.


Social Links

Next, make sure you include links to all of your social media accounts. This helps stay engaged with your consumers if they're feeling your brand but are not quite ready to buy yet.

If you have an active community, this is also a great place for visitors to get involved in the conversation and connect with like-minded individuals. Building up a deeper meaning around your brand leads to a more loyal audience and higher customer lifetime values.

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Your footer should make it super easy for your users to navigate the entirety of your store.

This is where you place a lot of "miscellaneous" links that don't really fit well anywhere else on your pages—as an example think policies, career pages, and links to your wholesale inquiry form.

Psssst—get our exact wireframe template for a high-converting homepage layout in our free Shopify Resources Vault. This will show you what order we typically place these sections in!

All in all, your Shopify homepage design can make or break your Shopify store

An effective homepage design is key for any eCommerce business owner who wants to increase their online store conversion rate.

By including these essential elements—a good headline, relevant copy, visuals, and calls to action—you can build a high-converting homepage that will entice visitors to stick around and learn more about what you have to offer.

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