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The Best Shopify Fonts - Sans Serif + Serif Font Combinations

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Fonts matter—they are a REALLY important part of any Shopify store. Why? They set the tone for your brand and can make or break your customer's experience.

But don't worry, we're here to help you out! In this article, we'll show you the best plug-and-play font combinations that will give your eCommerce website a distinguished look.

Fonts that work well together need to have enough visual contrast to create a clear hierarchy. All of the below font pairings are available right in the Shopify font library that lives in the Theme Settings section of your theme customizer. This is good news because there's no need for uploading any custom font files in your backend code in order to use them when you can add fonts straight from their platform! Additionally, some of these are Google Fonts, which are downloadable for use for free.

So, what are the best available fonts for you to use on your online store?

Winning font combinations

Americana + Madera

Starting off strong—this combo pairs a welcoming sans serif family font for the body text with a vintage-inspired typeface for the header. A balanced mixture of a wide letter heading and a crisp body text.

Asul + Karla

The combo of Asul + Karla will bring a welcoming yet refined feel to your eCommerce store. You cannot go wrong with a bold header paired with a straightforward, sans serif font, body for your next project!

Basic Commercial + Futura

This font combination is oh-so-minimal and pleasing to the eye. You truly can't go wrong with Futura, and the more friendly curves of Basic Commercial, a sans serif font—that brings a little bit of warmth and friendliness in a bold header in contrast to Futura's bold angles.

Baskerville No. 2 + Lucia

Oh to see this lovely pair in action. Script fonts can either seem super elegant or super tacky—my vote is for super elegant with this gorgeous Lucia paired with the serif font family Baskerville No. 2.

ITC Clearface + Muli

Keeping it tall, thin, and refined. With a clean serif to sans serif typeface ratio, ITC Clearface means business while Muli keeps the friendly vibes at bay. Another crowd favorite to keep in your rotation.

Mariposa Sans + Courier New

This is perhaps my favorite combination of them all—I'm such a sucker for a soulful monospaced (AKA equally spaced letters) font such as Courier New when used. Paired with the beautiful display font Mariposa Sans, you'll get a vintage-inspired yet modern feel for your eCommerce store.

Optima Nova + Century Old Style

If you're looking to spice up your home page this may be the pair for you. With this combo of Optima Nova + Century Old Style, your online business will ooze sophistication and timelessness. Yes, please!

Georgia Pro + Nunito Sans

This fan-favorite combo! Georgia Pro is a personally favored serif typeface. You can't go wrong with a timeless typeface like the Georgia Pro font family. Combine it with Nunito Sans and keep the classic vibe throughout your reader's experience.

Claire News + Poppins

Oh so feminine and classy. Claire News is the perfect serif family for a refined feel while Poppins, in the sans serif fonts family, keeps the balance between sophisticated and welcoming. Poppins is the default font, the go-to when we're looking to keep things light and fun!

Fette Gotisch + Zurich Extended

If you're looking for a bold display font, this is the combo for you. Taking a blackletter classic font such as Gotisch and pairing it with a super-sleek sans serif such as Zurich Extended is sure to turn heads. This would be a great option for an online store that is a streetwear brand, tattoo shop, etc.

Choosing the right fonts for your Shopify store can be tricky. You want to find a font pairing that is both unique and inviting to customers. In this article, we've shown you some of our favorite font combinations that are available in the Shopify font library.

If you want to dive even further into other fonts that Shopify offers, be sure to check out their entire font library here.

Is choosing your Shopify fonts sending you into a tizzy? Want to hand if off to an expert? Get in touch about a project together. :)

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